Balancing Nutrition Extremes – Taking The Enemy Out To Lunch

April 21, 2013

Who would be your ‘other’? If you’re a vegan, you might talk to a meat-eater. If you eat mostly cooked food, you might talk to a raw foodist. And what would be an appropriate way to meet? Let…

Question by river rapids: Peanut butter and banana sandwich?
One time, my cousin made me a peanut butter and banana sandwich. He toasted two slices of bread and spread peanut butter on the bread. Then he sliced up a banana in half. He put it inside the sandwich. Is this healthy? How often is it ok to eat this?

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Answer by Billie R
Make it on wheat bread- and go easy on the peanut butter and you should be able to eat as often as you like- you will be getting grains, protein, and fruit in one sandwich!

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