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April 23, 2013

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Question by nice guy: My nephew is considering becoming a vegan. Both he and I are concerned about how the diet will affect him.?
We have been told that a low fat vegan diet can lead to reduced testosterone levels and cause significant problems with hormones. At first we thought these were just some sort of scare tactics but after researching have found that these claims are in fact valid. That’s pretty scary stuff. And we are also concerned with the other obvious nutritional deficiencies in the diet and would like to know what vitimans and supplements he should be taking. I think becoming a vegan is a noble thing, but do not think it is worth risking ones own health to become one. I would like for people to share with me the problems and dificiencies that they have endured as a result of the vegan diet so that my nephew can potentially avoid them if he does in fact decide to go vegan. I will appreciate your input. I have read many of the answers in this forum and have always been impressed with how helpful people are. I look forward to insight provided by the many thoughtful vegans in this forum.

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Answer by Lisa G
If he learns his nutritional properties properly you’ve got no worries. Yes, it probably will reduce his testosterone levels a little-simply because he won’t be getting all the hormones from the dead flesh he eats.

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